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How to use the Sellita SW200 in your Scuba Dive watch

Introduction: The Sellita SW200 movement is a reliable and widely used automatic mechanical movement found in many high-quality watches. Known for its precision and durability, understanding how to operate and maintain this movement is essential for any watch enthusiast. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Sellita SW200, providing you with the knowledge to appreciate and care for your timepiece.

Understanding the Sellita SW200 Movement: The Sellita SW200 is a Swiss-made automatic movement that powers a wide range of timepieces. It is a mechanical movement, meaning it operates without the need for a battery. Instead, it relies on the motion of the wearer's wrist to wind the mainspring, storing energy that is then released to power the watch.

  1. Winding the Watch:

    • The Sellita SW200 can be manually wound by turning the crown clockwise. Gently rotate the crown between your fingers until you feel resistance, indicating the mainspring is fully wound. It's essential not to force the crown to prevent damage to the movement.

  1. Setting the Time:

    • Pull the crown out to its second position to set the time. Turn the crown clockwise or counter clockwise to adjust the hour and minute hands. Once the correct time is set, push the crown back to its original position.

  1. Date Adjustment:

  • If your watch features a date complication, pull the crown out to the first position and turn it counter clockwise to adjust the date. Be cautious not to change the date between 9 PM and 3 AM, as this is when the movement is engaged in the date-change process.

  1. Power Reserve:

    • The Sellita SW200 has a power reserve of approximately 38 hours when fully wound. If you wear your watch regularly, the motion of your wrist will keep it powered. However, if the watch has not been worn for some time, manual winding may be necessary to ensure it starts with accurate time


Maintenance and Care Tips:

  • Regular Servicing:

    • Like any precision instrument, the Sellita SW200 requires periodic servicing by a professional watchmaker. This usually involves disassembling the movement, cleaning and lubricating the components, and making any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

  • Avoiding Magnetism:

    • Magnetic fields can adversely affect the accuracy of a mechanical watch. Keep your watch away from strong magnetic sources, such as speakers and magnetic closures on bags.

  • Water Resistance:

    • While the Sellita SW200 is not a dive movement, some watches housing this movement may have water resistance. Ensure that you adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations regarding water exposure to prevent damage to the movement.

Conclusion: Mastering the operation of the Sellita SW200 movement enhances your overall experience with your timepiece. Regular care, proper operation, and adherence to maintenance recommendations will not only keep your watch running smoothly but also prolong its lifespan. As you delve into the world of horology, understanding the intricacies of your watch's movement is a rewarding aspect of being a watch enthusiast.

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